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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Are $3 strings better than $1 strings?

Could you tell me what the differences are between the dirt cheap synthetic guts (Forten Nylon, Ashaway Liberty, Gosen ProForm Tuff, Prince Tournament Nylon) that are priced around $1 per 40 ft and the regular synthetic guts (Forten Synthetic Gut Sweet, Ashaway Synthetic Gut, Gosen OG Sheep Micro, Prince Original Synthetic Gut) that are priced […]

String choice for extra durability

Hi Jeff, My son (13 yrs old, good technically) plays the Prince 100T ESP racket. As string he uses the Prince Tour XS 15+ / 1.35mm at 24 Kilos (53 pounds). The strings break quite often so we are thinking of switching to Luxilon’s Alu Power Spin 1.27mm or Alu Power Rough 1.30mm. Which one […]

Alu Spin diameter

hi Jeff, just one question on diameter, the alu spin is rated at 1,27 mm and the regular alu and rough at 125, is this because the edges stand out at the spine version or is it really a bit thicker ( a bigger cross section ? ) Curious to know All the best for […]

Premature breakage of Luxilon 4G

My 14 year old daughter hits with wilson burn 100s about 15 hours per week. She is a very strong player….taking big cuts at the ball forehand and backhand. started breaking syn gut and multis after 2 hrs so we switched to luxilon 4g 1.25. 4g mains snaps in the middle after 10-12hours. heavy knotching. […]

What tension for Luxilon Spin

Hello I purchase today my new strings… 😉 I when for the Luxilon 127 spin…. I read a lot of comments about it…. Some good… Some bad…. Like everything… :/ Is seems to me that the tension you string it with…. Has a lot to do with its performance and durability… So that will be […]

Which string is best for control and spin

Hi Jeff, I am an intermediate player with good racket speed but not enough spin. I am having difficulty keeping control of the Wilson Juice 100 (bit too much Juice!). I am using the stock tension and strings (Sensation, I think). What would you recommend for increased control and spin while maintaining durability? Higher tension […]

Gut/poly hybrid vs all gut or all poly?

Hello Jeff, thanks for the response on the 3806. I have a couple of final questions: – I have the option to have Alu in the main and gut in the crosses, with a higher tension for the gut. In this case, what type of tension in KG should I be looking at (on a […]

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