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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Aging of poly strings

Hello Jeff, regarding poly’s and losing playability and tension and so on I found some contradiction in aging of different strings. The alu power ages nice and gets softer in tension but remains ” playable” it just loses some control but if you can adapt for that it is ok, some other strings have that […]

Pro player racquets – true or false?

Re: subsequent pro racket/string overviews follwong the 2015 Open. It would be counterproductive for you to go to the trouble to research and printout player/racquet “updates.” Why? Well, I too was once a naïve pro gear hound eager to learn which racquet favorite pros were using. However some years ago I became saddened to learn […]

Luxilon 4G tension loss

Does the 4G Soft possess the same superior tension maintenance of the standard 4G 1.25? As all the stats I’ve seen reveal how softer polys display notably worse early tension loss than stiffer ones, I wonder if this holds true for the Lux 4G series as well. I’d prefer the new “soft” version as the […]

Any chance of indexing this site?

There is now a deep well of over 3800 questions and answers here! Searching through them for your didactic technical discussions is quite a challenge. And, as you know, there is nothing like your site anywhere else. So is there any way of your creating an abridged section where the over 90% of questions (over […]