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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Gut thickness and tension

Jeff I’m intending going back to natural gut after trying Luxillon M2 and also X1 Biphase for a while. I’ve noticed the Babolat gut has some poor reviews due to the adding of BT7. I was looking at the Wison and noticed that they do gut in 1.35. I assume this would increase durability over […]

4G or Original for durability/consistency

Hi Jeff, I’m a 5.0-5.5 player with a heavy spin game. I string in the low 40 lbs, let each frame sit for multiple weeks after stringing before playing it, and play with one frame at a time until the strings break. Durability and a consistent string bed are important to me. With all this […]

Should you use a smooth poly in a hybrid with gut?

I have read on many online forums that if you use a gut/poly hybrid (with natural gut in the mains), you should always use a smooth poly in the crosses. Is there any advantage at all (other than durability) to using a textured or shaped poly in the crosses when doing a hybrid with natural […]