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4G or Original for durability/consistency

Hi Jeff, I’m a 5.0-5.5 player with a heavy spin game. I string in the low 40 lbs, let each frame sit for multiple weeks after stringing before playing it, and play with one frame at a time until the strings break. Durability and a consistent string bed are important to me. With all this in mind, would you recommend I use 4G or Original (or something else), and why? 4G seems like an obvious choice because of the proclaimed tension maintenance, but if I let the tension stabilize for a few weeks after stringing, maybe Original is a better fit for me because of its durability?

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  • jeffd on September 18, 2015

    Hi Dan…

    Low 40s? Allowing the frame to sit for a while after stringing? You should be stuffed and placed in the corner of your pro shop as an example to others..! Consistency is the name of the (tennis) game and you have clearly taken that message to heart.

    Yes, 4G does seem like an ‘obvious choice’ for your level and stated preferences. A number of advances in technology, materials and extrusion processes have been made since Original was developed and I think that, in general, modern strings provide a better mix of characteristics than the early mono synthetic strings. 4G might be particularly beneficial because of its improved tension maintenance characteristics. But, there are still a hard-core of Original-lovers out there – in both the ranks of pro and recreational players – and most of seem to be very reluctant to switch – supporting the ‘don’t fix what aint broke” theory.

    You don’t say what you are currently using and you also don’t complain about whatever it is. So, before you start introducing inconsistency into your game by switching strings, have a clear reason and objective mind for doing so.


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