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Isn't this supposed to be the Luxilon site?

Am I in the right place?

What happened here?
The History 

Until recently, this was the official website of Luxilon. It provided information about products, news, the pro tour and a ‘string expert’ section to answer your questions.

The site was maintained by me (Jeff Davies). I was Director of Pro Services for Luxilon prior to the company signing an exclusive distributor agreement and transferring all global support and marketing to Wilson in 2005. For the past 10 years I have provided services to Wilson.

Recently, Wilson was directed by its parent company, Amer Sport, to cease using external web sites. This left this site – and its content, including the answers to the over 3,000 questions asked by visitors over the past 10 years – abandoned.

So now what?

I have decided to continue this site independently – aimed at continuing the service that so many of you seemed to find valuable:- to provide unbiased information about tennis strings and the tennis world.

I am in the process of importing all the questions and answers from the old site. There are a lot of them so please give me a few more days to complete this process.

I look forward to reading your further questions and will do my best to answer them – in my own particular style. In spite of the ‘old’ site being owned by Luxilon/Wilson they gave me free-reign to express my own views and, as a result, I have always tried to be fair and objective in answering your questions – even if that has meant that I had to sacrifice some sacred cows and step on a few sensitive toes in the process..!

Now that this site is completely independent, you can be even more certain that my comments will be unbiased and unaffected by any loyalty to a particular brand or commercial interests.

Feel free to send me your views and comments. And I hope you like the new site..!

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Gut thickness and tension

Jeff I’m intending going back to natural gut after trying Luxillon M2 and also X1 Biphase for a while. I’ve noticed the Babolat gut has some poor reviews due to the adding of BT7. I was looking at the Wison and noticed that they do gut in 1.35. I assume this would increase durability over […]

4G or Original for durability/consistency

Hi Jeff, I’m a 5.0-5.5 player with a heavy spin game. I string in the low 40 lbs, let each frame sit for multiple weeks after stringing before playing it, and play with one frame at a time until the strings break. Durability and a consistent string bed are important to me. With all this […]

Should you use a smooth poly in a hybrid with gut?

I have read on many online forums that if you use a gut/poly hybrid (with natural gut in the mains), you should always use a smooth poly in the crosses. Is there any advantage at all (other than durability) to using a textured or shaped poly in the crosses when doing a hybrid with natural […]

Aging of poly strings

Hello Jeff, regarding poly’s and losing playability and tension and so on I found some contradiction in aging of different strings. The alu power ages nice and gets softer in tension but remains ” playable” it just loses some control but if you can adapt for that it is ok, some other strings have that […]

Pro player racquets – true or false?

Re: subsequent pro racket/string overviews follwong the 2015 Open. It would be counterproductive for you to go to the trouble to research and printout player/racquet “updates.” Why? Well, I too was once a naïve pro gear hound eager to learn which racquet favorite pros were using. However some years ago I became saddened to learn […]

Luxilon 4G tension loss

Does the 4G Soft possess the same superior tension maintenance of the standard 4G 1.25? As all the stats I’ve seen reveal how softer polys display notably worse early tension loss than stiffer ones, I wonder if this holds true for the Lux 4G series as well. I’d prefer the new “soft” version as the […]

This site is a work-in-progress...

Articles and analyses

The original site contained string analyses from various pro tournaments and we hope to bring you more

Searchable database of tennis match scores 

In progress – watch this space….


When the ball is struck at the edge of the racquet the string is unable to stretch

This leads to the ball being flattened against the stringbed

Considerable power is lost because it is used in the compression of the ball

Trying squeezing a new ball so that it is about 1″ thick

You will get an idea how much energy this takes..!

One of my favorite models – Marta Domachowska, at the semi-finals of the China Open, Beijing, China, October 2005.

(she has an unusually smooth and ‘predictable’ swing that helps me to predict the moment of impact)

A lower tension allows the strings to expand and the ball to retain its shape

This minimizes energy loss in compressing the ball – and maximizes power transferred to the pace of the shot

Notice that the ball is still well-embedded into the stringbed

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